As a leader in your organization, one of your primary responsibilities is to lead your team through any situation or challenge. Up until a few weeks ago, you had it all under control. You had weekly team huddles, one-on-one meet-ups and your team was focused on your organizational goals. Projects were moving ahead and you were already looking toward your second-half goals. But then countermeasures for COVID-19 went into place. 

Unless your organization is ‘essential’, your team is probably scattered all around. Gathering your team for an impromptu team huddle now takes excessive planning and coordination if it can even happen at all. 

So as a leader, ask yourself, what you can give that helps your team and helps you lead?

Give Your Team Grace

Even your star performer was once the newbie. It took a while to adjust to the new office layout, a new management style and to learn how the team worked. They needed time to get the lay of the land before they exceeded your expectations.

Your team is adjusting the same way today. Their workspace might now be a corner on a kitchen table. They may not have the dual monitors and other office tools that made them feel equipped to handle their job. And now they are isolated from coworkers who fed energy into their jobs. 

If that isn’t enough, those new to remote working often find it difficult to separate work life and family life once the two share the same roof.

The bottom line is that your employees may feel like they’ve been signed up for a completely new job. Overwhelmed and unprepared in their new work environment, they are out of their comfort zone. Giving them time to adjust is critical.

Give Your Team Tools To Connect

Help your team set up and use video conferencing tools like Zoom or WebEx. As a leader, when you connect with your team by video, you maintain the personal connection you’ve worked hard to establish. Gathering your team via video further reinforces the team spirit. Individuals can also collaborate on group projects to keep the momentum going.

Give Your Team Structure

Schedule regular check-ins with your team both together and one-on-one. Having a regular call gives them a sense of structure and accountability. It also gives you regular opportunities to lead, mentor and encourage your team through this uncertain time.

Give Yourself Grace

Keep in mind, within a matter of days, you’ve had to make or accept huge decisions that turned your business and team upside down. Smooth processes are now ad hoc tactics. Despite this new work situation, you are still expected to keep your team together and productivity high.

So give yourself credit and a bit of grace as you lean on your experience as a leader to pull your team and company through. You can do this.

What Can I Give You?

Every day, you are giving to your team and your organization. I want to give something to you.

As a business coach and consultant, my passion is helping businesses see opportunities that they often miss. Right now, businesses and leaders are focused on today. But now is the time to think about how your business will be different once people are back to work.

Let’s connect so I can offer you ideas on how to take advantage of the new opportunities that certainly lie ahead.

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