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Turning Conversations Into Outcomes
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Being the leader, executive, manager, motivator and results-maker you want to become, takes focus, a willingness to listen and sometimes a little help. Here are articles and resources that can help you along your journey.

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How To Avoid The Consensus Trap

Far too often, business leaders and managers try to get a consensus regarding important decisions. Yet waiting to get 100% agreement can hinder business

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Why Do You Do What You Do


Getting Consensus:
Moving Forward Without 100% Agreement

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If you have ever been ready to move forward with an important decision or initiative but couldn’t get everyone’s approval, this webinar is for you. I’ll talk about why waiting for 100% agreement can be costly for your organization – and for your leadership.

Is Your Team Telling You What You Need To Know

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As leaders, you ask great questions to get exceptional results. But there are challenges only a crisis like COVID-19 could create. Knowing what questions to ask your team now can be the difference between weathering the storm or sinking in it.

During this 30 minute webinar, learn the right questions you should be asking your team and your organization right now.


LinkedIn Live with Greg Rosner of Pitch Kitchen, New York

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Marc talks with Greg about how COVID-19 is affecting businesses and business leaders and shares insights on what businesses should be thinking about right now.

7:45 – Marc talks about HealthCare and his experience helping in the industry

10:25 – How Marc helps top-down cultures that don’t like new ideas

12:40 – Marc’s thoughts on how businesses must change after COVID-19 in order to survive.

14:40 – How to affect behavioral change inside an organization

Modern Southern Gentleman
with Dee Lauderdale

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Marc talks with Dee Lauderdale from Modern Southern Gentlemen about coaching leaders, recognizing when people are bad fits for their organization and what to do about that.

13:25 – The key metrics Marc looks for when talking with a client and what are markers for success for an executive?

16:50 – How to tell people they are a bad fit in their organization and how do we get people out of their bad fit?

24:00 – How our world is going to change after COVID-19

35:00 – Why Dee told Marc “I don’t like you very much

36:40 – How To Find Out What We Were Meant To Do?

Stories from the C|SUITE
by Thom Coates

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Are you in the service-focused industry? (Healthcare, Marketing, Financial, Nonprofit) and want to increase your business growth, employee engagement, and overall profit? Do you want your team to be in sync with your vision and your clients to be your biggest advocates?