Unprecedented Does NOT Mean Unprepared

Not many would deny we are living in unprecedented times. We have had our personal challenges which may have included working from home, kids at home on zoom and not seeing family and friends. And we have had our business issues which may have included adjusting to a remote workforce, staffing shortages, and inventory issues.

But it is time to stop using this unprecedented time as an excuse for not moving forward. And for those that have already moved on from this excuse, they are seeing more and more success. Why? Because they have realized there are always going to be roadblocks on the way to success and planning and preparing to overcome them leads to results.

If we look at recent history, the last 20 years, when was the last time we have not lived in unprecedented times?

Other unprecedented times in recent memory include civil unrest from protests on various political and social issues, the housing crisis, several wars, 9/11, not to mention the increase in number and velocity of natural disasters, all of which have had impact on our personal and business lives. It is no longer a matter of IF we will be living in unprecedented times again, but simply a matter of WHEN.

The most successful leaders will prepare and be ready for the next issue, no matter what it is. This does not mean predicting the future. It means taking data and trends and combining them with experience, intuition and feedback from colleagues and peers so you are equipped to navigate through any major event. It means planning and preparing for both positive and negative business changes and being able to pivot smartly to take advantage in good times and quickly correct in bad times.

It may sound easy, but this exercise requires a good amount of introspection. To help guide this activity, I have developed the 5/5/5 Self-Assessment, available as a free download to use right now. This is the same assessment my most successful clients have used to provide them clarity and empower them to better prepare for the future.

It asks the question of “What do you need to learn, unlearn, and relearn?” but goes infinitely deeper.

The 5/5/5 Self-Assessment

The 5/5/5 Self-Assessment is the perfect starting point for those feeling:

  • Unsure
  • Unprepared
  • Unfocused
  • Unmotivated
  • Uninspired

The 5/5/5 Self-Assessment begins the incredible journey of success by first examining the past and the present and using this insight to prepare and plan for the future. By taking the time to reflect, it will reveal the areas that need to be addressed, worked on and improved.

This 5/5/5 Self-Assessment could be worth millions of dollars if you take the time to do it and allow it to work.

Download Free Assessment

Do not waste any more time on just saying “this year will be better, more successful,” etc. Studies have shown resolutions and goals made for the year are often abandoned by February. Why? The main three reasons according to Business Insider is the goals are not specific, they are worded negatively, or they are not truly relevant.

Instead, spend time using the 5/5/5 Self-Assessment as our gift to you so you can determine specific, positive, and relevant areas of focus.. The time spent reflecting to determine opportunities with the 5/5/5 Self-Assessment will be well spent in the long-term.

What’s the catch? A free download that could be worth millions of dollars? Well, here it is: You actually have to do the work. Read, contemplate, and respond to the questions. Next, interpret the results, work the areas it reveals, and keep on track, continuously working. The system works, but you must work the plan.

The 5/5/5 Self-Assessment Helps You:

  • Gain clarity
  • Plan and be prepared
  • Become a better leader
  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Achieve goals

Again, my most successful clients have used and worked with the 5/5/5 Self-Assessment. In addition, some of them have chosen to obtain additional help and resources to enhance their goals from the 5/5/5 Self-Assessment, to stay on track, to be accountable and stay motivated by working with me directly. The Assessment works for both those who want to improve on their own as well as for those who want to work with a coach to see changes.

Stop operating under the unprecedented times fallacy and start leveraging new successes despite the circumstances. Download the no cost 5/5/5 Self-Assessment and get started today.

If your goals include a fast start to the new year, schedule a time to review your answers with me and let’s turn your answers into actions.

Marc A. Wolfe

Marc is an executive coach and consultant who helps leaders overcome the lies holding them back from their next level of success. 

When someone books a call with Marc they walk away with new weapons to combat self-doubt. He works with leaders, executives, and teams to dissolve the excuses they have held on to. Excuses that stop them from reaching new heights in their career and life. 

Marc is the author of an upcoming book called “Yeah But…” This book helps leaders identify the excuses and alibis that hold them back so they can achieve what they previously thought was unattainable.

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